The Wellness App

What is KeepAppy?

KeepAppy is your personal wellness app! It is designed to empower users to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing by enabling people to track all of the vitals that most impact an individual’s wellbeing, increase self-awareness and engage in positive behaviour practices.

We know that what might work for one person will be wrong for another, so we have designed KeepAppy to have 8 features, providing each user with the ability to learn and choose whatever wellbeing technique suits them best.

 KeepAppy is in the middle of phase 2 of its development, where we have launched the beta. To join our beta trial, sign up here.

To learn more about KeepAppy, reach out to our wonderful team at

KeepAppy will be launched in the Summer of 2019.

Watch this space for more.


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