Founded with a mission

KeepAppy was officially founded in January 2019 by Aimée-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims. They met during their post-graduate studies in Trinity College Dublin, and using their combined skills, they began to build KeepAppy in an effort to make preventative wellness tools accessible and engaging for everyone.

During her recovery following a suicide attempt, Irish co-founder and CEO Aimée-Louise Carton grew incredibly frustrated at the lack of education surrounding preventative measures around mental illness. She wanted to create something that would help people everywhere, and that would empower them to take control of their mental health like they did their physical health.

Kansas born co-founder and COO Will Ben Sims grew up with a love for health and exercise, focusing on martial arts and rugby to maintain his wellbeing. However, he saw the devastating impact of mental illness in his personal life from a young age and was always interested to make a difference, to find a solution that would empower people every day.

So they joined forces, collaborating with other companies to create KeepAppy, with the mission to make a difference for people everywhere.

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