KeepAppy is like a gym for your mental health! We offer a variety of mental health and wellness tools to allow users to engage in active self-reflection.

KeepAppy does a lot and can be used in many different ways! However, at its core KeepAppy tracks the eight vitals that most impact your daily wellbeing (mood, hydration, sleep, etc..). This is subjective based; for example, instead of asking how many hours of sleep you had, we ask you how you perceive your sleep quality, because everyone is different! We then take your historically lowest performing vital (over the most recent 7 days) and push you content and prompts across the other features.

Yes! Your data is entirely secure and protected to the highest standards. Your data will never be sold or abused. We firmly believe that piece of mind regarding your personal data is essential to our business and how we want to treat people.

Each feature KeepAppy provides has been independently researched and validated by experts. We are currently in the process of validating KeepAppy through clinical trials.

KeepAppy has been created with the mission to be available and useful to everyone! Just like everyone has physical health, everyone also has mental health. And just exercising your body can improve your wellbeing, exercising your mind can also improve your wellbeing!

KeepAppy is different from other wellness apps because it is the one-stop-shop for wellness. The other apps in our industry are doing great things, but we felt there was something missing with the current solutions, which drove us to create the solution we wanted ourselves!

Whatever you would like! KeepAppy does not replace any sort of professional (or non-professional) care. Our aim for KeepAppy is to complement anything you may currently be doing to improve your wellbeing. If it works for you, is healthy and positive, then you should continue it! 🙂

Keepies are meant to be a fun and tangible way to engage in your wellbeing. To bring up your Keepie, point your camera at a flat and non-reflective surface. When the augmented-reality technology has detected the surface, you can tap the screen and your Keepie will appear!

Points are gained by using the features of KeepAppy. Use KeepAppy more and you can play with your Keepie more. 🙂

The vital tracking feature works by manually inputting how you perceive your vitals throughout the day (mood, sleep quality, productivity, stress, etc..). If you forgot to fill in your vitals for a previous day, that’s okay! You can add past vitals for previous days as well, however we recommend logging your vitals daily as it is easier to actively reflect on your day rather than a previous day.

The medicine tracker allows you to set times to be reminded to take your medicine. You can also use it for other reminders as well, like a reminder to start getting ready for bed!

Just like you might have kept a diary hidden under your pillow as a teenager, journaling can assist individuals manage anxiety and cope with low mood. Explore your emotions or take a closer look at any problems you might have in our data-secure journal feature.

Expressing appreciation for the good in your life with a gratitude diary can empower individuals to reorientate their thoughts towards positivity. Write down 5 things a day that you are grateful for. 

The 54321 sensory grounding technique featured on KeepAppy is a calming technique that can help individuals through stressful situations. Grounding yourself and remembering to live in the present can be helpful to those going through high-anxiety or pressured times. 

The helpline feature provides users with helplines based on their geographic location.

With the goal setting features, you can select long or short-term goals to achieve. A long term goal can be divided into smaller sub-goals, or milestones. You can also set reminders for your goals.

The dashboard page, or home screen, shows your average of each vital over a set time. It is automatically set to 7 days; you can change the range to as long as a year.

The graph view is an alternative view to the dashboard. It shows you the relation between your vitals over a set time. You can select and deselect each vital to see how they interact with each other. Play around with this view and you might discover some insights into your wellbeing!

KeepAppy is currently in the process of undergoing clinical validation, however the features on KeepAppy have been approved by clinical psychologists as tools they would recommend to patients as preventative tools for mental health and wellbeing

Just as you wouldn’t use an app to solve a broken bone, an app should not be used as the primary health response to a mental illness. KeepAppy should not be used as a solution for diagnosed medical disorders unless advised to by a medical professional.

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