New beginnings

Hey there,

And so with not as much of a bang, but with the clatter of fingers typing onto a laptop, the entire KeepAppy team welcomes you to our wellbeing platform, a safe space where people can share their wellbeing journeys and learn from one another!

According to the World Health Organisation, one in four people around the world from a diagnosable and treatable mental illness. And just as importantly, everyone around the globe suffers from a bad day every now and then! Whether your dog pooped in your shoe or you’re just having a bad day in general, we have all been there in one way or another. But it can often be hard to sort through those bad days and realise that while the day might suck, it can and will get better, you just have to know how!

We then realised that while countless people have been brave enough to post their stories and ideas on how to conquer those lame days online, we couldn’t find anywhere that had them all in the one place. We had to go through countless pages and blogs to even find a single story.

Which is why the KeepAppy team has decided to start this platform: to celebrate all of those author’s bravery, to spread their journeys and to share the tips and tricks that people use to help them along the way.

So don’t forget to check out our blog every Tuesday and Thursday, as we share personal stories, facts and suggestions on how to conquer your demons!


The KA team