Level 1:

Goal-Setting Strategies for Scientific and Career Success

How do you even begin developing skills? Why not read this to start learning?

Your phone is making you less productive and prone to mistakes

Try reducing your technology usage. Smartphones are proven to hinder productivity

Level 2

Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime

Over and over again, research has shown that productivity increases when people take the time to conserve energy through rest rather than working nonstop.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

People find that losses loom larger than gains. When it comes to making decisions ensure that you don’t overestimate your losses relative to potential gains.

What You Need to Know about Willpower:

Struggling to start your work instead of watching a movie? Glucose, a type of blood sugar plays a role in improving attention. If your willpower has decreased, you tend to make the easiest not best decision possible.

Level 3

Music and Productivity: 5 Ideas for Using Music To Boost Performance

Music can be a fun and interesting way to improve your productivity. Use these tips to ensure your music is helping you in the right direction!

Level 4

Are We Multi-Tasking Our Way Into Zero Productivity?

Multi-tasking and attention could be reducing your productivity.

Level 5

Does Imagining a Goal Make You Less Likely to Achieve It?

Fantasizing about your dream goal can actually reduce your chances of acquiring that goal...have a read of

Best Productivity Apps

Download apps to encourage you to be more productive or apps to monitor and track the time spent on your phone everyday.

Level 6

Performance Reviews and Keeping Your Self Worth

Constructive self evaluation of our work can makes us feel like we aren’t doing enough. BUT this evaluation is what pushes us towards better output. Will you choose to just feel good now or do good AND feel good in the long term?


Unsure of how to improve your productivity even more? Research shows that part of experts’ success lies in their ability to pick specific things to improve. “I’ll do better” doesn’t help.