(Y)our Impact

The app available to everyone.

KeepAppy is a social enterprise, which means we have two bottom lines: financial AND social impact.

Our story began with the recognition that the wellness industry often charges premium prices, which can often lead to inaccessibility for those who need it most. Ill mental health can be both a cause and consequence of irregular employment, so making preventative wellness tools accessible has never been more important.

This is one of the reason’s why KeepAppy is on a mission to make our tools available to everyone, without allowing cost to be a deterrent for those who need it most.

The 1-for-1 Model

For every paid subscriber to KeepAppy, we donate a lifetime membership to someone who is struggling with their mental health. This is chosen anonymously by the helplines and organisations we work with.

For a Limited Time, KeepAppy is 50% off for all new users!