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Why Is it Important to Drink Water Every Day?

The human body is composed of more than half water by weight. Water is part of every tissue, organ and cell. Many chemical reactions involved in metabolism, respiration and digestion require water...

Is Soda Bad for Your Brain?

Sugary drinks, especially diet versions, are linked to accelerated brain ageing. Enjoy them but not as a water replacement!

Why Your Brain Needs Water

Did you know that you lose moisture by breathing, even in your sleep? Try to drink as soon as you get up in the morning!


Benefits of drinking lemon water

Are all your friends part of the lemon water "fad"? Read here to find out about both lemon water myths and its benefits!

8 Infused Water Combos to Keep You Hydrated

Think water is "boring"? Why not consider these quick and tasty ideas?

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How Much Water is in Your Food?

How much water is in your food? overdrinking paired with high water content foods can lead to excessive water consumption!

What is Overhydration?

Overhydration can occur when you drink a lot before and after excercise or based on too much water intake based on your weight or medication you take etc. Have a read of this article for more quick information!