Introducing the KeepAppy team


Aimée-Louise Carton


Aimée is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Amsterdam.

Following a long history of mental illness, Aimée almost took her life on the bridge beside her house in 2017, however her life was saved by a helpline volunteer and her beautiful dog Aura. Since then, Aimee has been on a mission to provide access to preventative care for the 2 in 3 individuals who are suffering from a mental illness but will never seek help. She is determined to stop anyone else from walking up onto a bridge like she did.


Will Ben Sims


Will Ben is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin.

Hailing from Kansas City, Will Ben has never suffered any issues with mental illness or wellness, and mental health wasn’t something he had given much thought to until his uncle’s suicide in 2014. He has since been passionate about bringing wellbeing into the 21st century and making it accessible for all.

Will Ben loved the mission that Aimee had embarked on, to create a wellness app and help to remove the stigma of mental unwellness


Aura Carton


Originally from the west-coast of Ireland, this country gal was adopted by Aimée and brought to Dublin where she quickly fell in love with her city life. Renowned for being a ‘diva’ and ‘cheeky monkey’, this hard working girl has achieve a masters degree in cuteness and adorability studies and is the youngest female CCO ever.

Aura is passionate about wellness, particularly when it involves being cuddled by loved ones, getting to explore the Dodder and napping.