What do we do?


Mental illness is a global crisis. According to the World Health Organisaiton, it will affect one in four individuals throughout their lifetime and become the leading cause of chronic illness by 2030. Moreover, when left untreated mental illnesses can be fatal, as almost 1 million people commit suicide each year, which amounts to one life lost every 40 seconds. Plus, the cost of unwellness to the economy is unprecedented, costing the USA 12% of it's GDP or $2.2 trillion each year, as stated by the Global Wellness Institute. However, it is also one of the most stigmatized issues that faces the world today, as only one in three sufferers of diagnosable and treatable mental illnesses will ever seek the medical treatment they need.

So we have an issue that is worldwide, it is incredibly expensive and its highly stigmatized.

But we have a solution that will bring us one step closer to helping people all over the world take back control of their physical and mental health by taking charge of their wellbeing.

That solution is KeepAppy!



KeepAppy is a wellness app that empowers individuals to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing through 5 key features:





 Wellness Tracker: KeepAppy empowers users to keep a track of your mental and physical wellbeing by monitoring the 8 vitals that are scientifically proven to most impact an individual’s health: sleep, stress, nutritious food intake, water consumption, social engagement, activity levels, mood and productivity. By tracking the things that most affect an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing, KeepAppy provides users with the tools they need to figure out what helps their wellbeing the most, thus encouraging positive behavioural practices that are specialised to each individual.


Personalized Content: Our mission to decrease the stigma around mental illness is made possible by KeepAppys ability to empower and educate users on ways to manage and deal with the issues that most affect them. With the KeepAppy algorithm, each user is provided with individualized articles and quotes each day, created from the results given in the wellness tracker.


Goal Setting: Goal setting is an integral aspect for mental health recovery and overall wellness, as it encourages planning for the future and considering what an individual wants out of the wellness journey and life. It inspires control and enables individuals to decide what success looks and feels like by taking small but continuous steps in the right direction.


Journaling: Expressive writing or reflection has been proven to have significant positive mental and wellbeing outcomes, most notably: stress management, improvement in communication skills, enhancing of emotional intelligence, building self-discipline, development of problem solving skills, creating empathy and increasing creativity.


Need to Talk: KeepAppy is a preventative tool which aims to help people maintain or improve their wellbeing. However, mental illnesses can only be treated with a certified medical practitioner or therapist and / or medical assistance, KeepAppy does not replace such roles, it simply compliments them. As a result, we offer a wide range of approved country-specific helplines which will help users if they are in need of a deeper level of assistance.