Our Origins:

The idea for KeepAppy was initially formed in 2015 after one of our co-founders walked through Dublin Airport and tapped the green smiley face for his experience going through security. It was then that he realised that while there were plenty of ways to track things like airport experiences, exercise and food consumption, there was nothing to track or monitor an individual’s wellbeing. From there, the idea began to take hold, moving beyond a simple tracker into all of the tools a person might need to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing and putting them right in your pocket with an app called KeepAppy.



Our Team:

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Aimee-Louise Carton

Political science and business graduate

Winner of the 2018 Global Social Innovation Challenge female entrepreneur of the year. Dog lover and yoga enthusiast.




Mucyo Murenzi

Computer Science Graduate.

A web and mobile app developer with an interest in skating, football and staying active.



Software Engineer

Conor Nevin

3rd Year Computer Science Student.

Handsome and talented website designer.



Software Engineer

Maksim Lizura

Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin

My strengths include: being focused on whatever I'm developing, working hard to achieve goals, my approach to learning new things.